America's Music BLUEGRASS
a history of bluegrass music in the words of its pioneers

by Barry Willis
Self-Published in 1998 by Pine Valley Music

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"Most exhausting compilation
of information about the history and personalities of bluegrass music
ever achieved."
Loaded with facts, photos, stories and quotations.
It's a reference book, story book and picture book - All in One!

ISBN # 0-9652407-0-3.

First edition published October, 1997 by Pine Valley Music.
Second edition published January, 1998.

Huge, oversized book with 650 pages and 420 photos. Almost
1-1/2 inches in capacity.

Brightly printed and laminated cover with very durable binding.

Very easy to read with large type.

A truly American music is brought to life by the words of the people who lived it. The author's interviews of hundreds of  bluegrass music's most notable heroes will prove a valuable source of information for years to come.  America's Music:BLUEGRASS may be the most important book on bluegrass ever written.  Many fascinating anecdotes, biographies, quotations and photos.  This thorough work on the history of bluegrass is written for a new person to bluegrass as well as the veteran.  The detailed story of this marvelous music is told through thousands of quotations and stories of this music's most important musicians, promoters, managers and historians.  The largest source of first-person quotes ever assembled! America's Music: BLUEGRASS the whole story of bluegrass, from its roots to its branches to what the future might be.  Highly readable for the novice with enough detail for the ardent historian.
America's Music: BLUEGRASS is a new history book about bluegrass – the music and the people. It’s a timely book about a music genre, whose first generation members are beginning to pass on and definitely fills a void on the shelf marked "bluegrass" in the music section of most bookstores and libraries. It’s a book that talks about where the music came from and where it is going. Author, Barry Willis has captured the feeling and documented the passion of this true American art form - bluegrass. With fanatical detail and accuracy, America's Music: BLUEGRASS tells the story of bluegrass in the words of its pioneers. By going directly to the source, Barry’s interviews of hundreds of bluegrass heroes, historians and industry people recounts first hand many of their quotes, anecdotes and stories. There are even a few controversial topics. Twelve years in the making, this self-published project is truly a "labor of love".


This big book is a reference book, history book, picture book, and storybook all in one. Chock full of historical background, it is written for the newcomer to the music as well as the aficionado. It’s a valuable resource for musicians, concert emcees, as well as radio deejays, who like to share stories about the music with their audience. It received accolades at this year’s International Bluegrass Music Association’s annual Trade Show and Fan Fest.

Chapters—there are 26 with two appendices—include Roots, Women in Bluegrass, the Business of Bluegrass, Pioneers, Instrument Companies, Branches of Bluegrass, the effects of Radio and Television on bluegrass, a chapter on the international aspect of this music and even a chapter on the Future of Bluegrass. Details – this is a big, over-sized soft cover book, with 640 pages and 411 photos.


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